Welcome to Harp Depot and our Storefront!
Located just north of Dayton, in Vandalia Ohio,
We are main dealers for Hohner, Seydel, Suzuki, Huang, Bushman, and Lee Oskar intruments.
We're responsible for the creation of the American Freedom Harp, the Blue Steel harmonica, and have also, within the past two years, begun researching and developing our very own harmonica brand, the Soul's Voice.
We try to maintain a vast inventory at all times, and currently have several products under developement, ourselves. 
From new harmonica models, to microphones and customizable accessories, we hope to be able to offer our customers everything they're looking for in one stop.
Please check back often, as we are constantly moving things around. Weather it be lowing a price, applying new photos and updated information, or adding something completely new or unique to our offerings - Exciting things are almost always happening around here.
Be on the lookout for something completely new from us by the end of 2014.  











For inventory questions, or placing an order over the phone, just give us a call toll free at 1-877-602-4277. Our direct line at 937-274-6020. Or you can send us an email at ajbelcher83@yahoo.com.

We will meet or beat any price on the internet.


Keep an eye on our New Items page. Some items are completely new, and some of them have never been listed on our website ever before.






Last Updated (9/26/14)
(10301S) Seydel Blues Session STEEL Summer Edition 2014
Regular Price $71.33
Save: $11.38
Depot Price $59.95

(14) Soul's Voice Diatonic Harmonica w/Phosphor Bronze Reeds
MSRP: $44.95
Save: $10.00
Depot Price $34.95

(1420) Hering Rod Piazza Pure Bronze Diatonic Harmonica
Click on image for more information.
Hering MSRP $88.00
Save: $18.05
Depot Liquidation Price $69.95

(15) Soul's Voice CROSS~WIND Tunings w/Phosphor Bronze Reeds
MSRP: $44.95
Save: $10.00
Depot Price $34.95

(580) Hohner Meisterklasse Harmonica (MS) Click on image for more information.
Hohner MSRP $172.00
Save: $82.00
Depot Liquidation Price $90.00

(BU7T) Jenny Tenor Ukulele
MSRP: $309.95
Save: $50.95
Depot Price $259.00

(ECUT/5BK) Tenor Spruce Ukulele w/Gloss Black Finish
Depot Price $299.00

(HH112) Huang Professional 1248 Chromatic, 12 holes, Three Octaves
Click on image for more information.
Regular Price: $125.00
Save: $5.00
Depot Price $120.00

(SKRCRY) Shaker Crystal Microphone (1/4" or XLR Input)
Click on image for more information.
MSRP: $128.50
Save: $28.55
Depot Price $99.95

(SKRDOG) Shaker Maddog Harp Microphone
Depot Price $159.95

(SKRDYN) Shaker Dynamic Harmonica Microphone (1/4" or XLR Input)
Click on image for more information.
MSRP: $128.50
Save: $28.55
Depot Price $99.95

(SKRVET) Shaker Vet Mic
Depot Price $129.95

(UC/5BC) Mahogany Concert Ukuele w/Butter Cream Finish
Depot Price $225.00

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(1620) Blue Steel Diatonic Harmonica


(7476) The American Freedom Harmonica


(AW-1) The Airwave Harmonica


(ET3000) Electronic Clip-on Tuner


(HDH-12KS) Harp Depot Harmonica, 12 Key Set w/ Case


(HH102X) Huang Star Performer, 12 Key Set