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(12) Vintage Soul's Voice Major Diatonic Harmonica

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"...It's in your hands now"

The Vintage Soul's Voice Major Diatonic Harmonica

The Soul's Voice is handmade by the oldest harmonica factory in the world and the only harmonica factory that still makes all of their harmonicas in Germany.

It took a few years of constantly improving the Soul's Voice's reed responsiveness, but now it's one of the top harmonicas available, and it's one of the best harmonicas made for blow bends and over blows.

Although many harmonicas respond well to bending when drawing, when placed under the stress of a blow bend they squeal. The Soul's Voice is especially setup to prevent blow bend squealing.

Another problem the Soul's Voice solves is that some players blow and draw with too much force, especially during an adrenaline-pumping stage performance.

Other popular brands will "freeze-up" and momentarily become unplayable until the player calms down and uses less force. This situation is VERY frustrating and embarrassing to players; they'd rather have a dependable instrument that won't let them down in public.

The Soul's Voice keeps playing no matter how hard you blow - it seems to enjoy the abuse. In addition to all of the keys listed below, the Soul's Voice also comes in Natural Minor and Harmonic Minor Keys. 

The rich, mellow tone of the Soul's Voice is partly due to the fact that it's Just Tuned like the legendary, old Marine Bands.







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