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(15205) Seydel Blues Favorite Melodic Maker Tuned Harmonica - labeled in 2nd position

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Blues Favorite Melodic Maker Diatonic Bluesharp with Chrome Plated Covers in Extra Tuning Melodic Maker. Diatonic Bluesharp with anodized Aluminium Comb and high chrome plated covers. Virtually, this Tuning is an extension of the 'Country', because the raise of the pitch in channel 5 is repeated in channel 9. In addition, the blow note in channel three is one whole-step higher. This tuning suites very much the Cross Harp playing style in the so called 'second position'. In second position not the first note in channel 1 blow is the basic, but the draw note in hole 2. The triad structures built into this harmonica cause changed melody lines without changing the blow-draw algorithms the player uses intuitively based on the standard Richter tuning he is already familiar with. Who is used to play on a standard tuned harmonica in cross position will find here very nice altered sound structures. However, a beginner will also reach good results out of the box. Attention! Seydel labels the Melodic Maker harmonicas regarding draw note in hole 2! In second position (Draw) a G Melodic Maker harmonica will play in the key of G


Diatonic harmonica with translucent anodized aluminium comb and high stainless steel covers in 29 keys and many special tunings.

• Exclusive metal body

• Ergonomically shaped covers – stainless steel

• Reedplates made of German Silver and traditional brass reeds

• Comes with convenient leather pouch

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