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(560CT) Hohner Special 20 Country Tuned Harmonica

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Special 20 (#560) – Awesome response, superior bendability and the sweetest tone ever. This harp is the first choice for those learning to play. Its special airtight design makes it the most recommended go-to harp for harmonica players of any style, including blues, country, folk or rock. The plastic comb doesn’t absorb moisture making it longer lasting. Harp of choice of harmonica virtuoso John Popper (of Blues Traveler) and played by Bob Dylan on his 2007/08 tour. Chances are your favorite player has several of these harps in his case. 12 major keys plus lower and higher octave tunings. Also available in a Special Country tuning with a major 7th in cross harp position.

This is the Handmade version, not he MS version as sold in markets outside of the USA. A professional harmonica similar to the Marine Band but using a plastic comb for improved airtightness. The reedplates are recessed behind the plastic mouth piece for smooth playing. Plastic combs are more stable and do not swell, shrink, and crack the way wood combs do. Specifications: 10 single holes, 20 reeds, plastic comb, length: 4 inches. In the Country Tuning the 5 draw reed is tuned 1/2 (to F# on a C harp) step higher than normal allowing you to play a complete major diatonic scale in cross harp.



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