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(MB99184BCD) Exploring 3rd Position Book w/CD Level 2

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Exploring 3rd Position


"The ""Exploring"" series of books within the Harmonica Masterclass Lesson Series walks you through each of the most commonly played positions on the ten hole diatonic harmonica. This book and recording for 3rd position focuses on the basic principles of what makes 3rd Position work, scales that help maneuverability and speed within 3rd Position, and interactive jamming with David Barrett and the David Barrett Blues Band. This volume contains the most extensive catalog of 3rd Position blues licks and phrases ever written. You will not only learn the common minor form of soloing in 3rd Position, but the less well-known major soloing like that of the great George ""Harmonica"" Smith. If you are looking to dig deep into the usage of advanced tongue blocking techniques, this will also be a great study for you; many of the songs in this set use tongue blocking and as a focal point. If you are also looking to get into blues chromatic playing, this book is a great primer. Playing blues chromatic is identical in movement, technique, and breath patterns to 3rd Position playing on the diatonic. Written in notation and harmonica tablature."


A Word from the Author

Section 1 - Notation
Harmonica Tablature
Notation Specific to Harmonica (Ex. 1.1-1.8)

Section 2 - What Is the Blues?
Construction of the Major Scale (Ex. 2.1)
Chord Construction (Ex. 2.2)
12 Bar Blues Progression (Ex. 2.3)
3rd Position Chord Chart

Section 3 - Solo Construction Guidelines
The Approach
What 3rd Position Is Known For
Technique & Phrasing
Notes Used for Soloing (Ex. 3.1-3.3)
Verse Forms
AAA Verse Form (Ex. 3.6)
AAB Verse Form (Ex. 3.7)
AAA or AAB Verse Form with Tails (Ex. 3.8)
AA1A2 Verse Form (Ex. 3.9)
A B/A C Verse Form (Ex. 3.10)
ABC Verse Form (Ex. 3.11)
Verse Form Study

Section 4 - Movement Exercises & Soloing, D Draw Harp Scale
4th through 8th Hole Draw Harp Scale Exercises & Licks (Ex. 4.1-4.24)
8th through 10th Hole Draw Harp Scale Exercises & Licks (Ex. 4.25-4.41)
Dorian Scale (Playing the Diatonic Harmonica Like a Chromatic Harmonica, Ex. 4.42-4.43)
Tongue Block Review: Pulls & Pull-Slaps (Ex. 4.44-4.46)
Song Example: Playing the Diatonic Harmonica Like a Chromatic Harmonica (Ex. 4.46A)
Song Example: Same as Above, but Easy Play Version (Ex. 4.46B)

Section 5 - Movement Exercises & Soloing, D Blues Scale
4th through 8th Hole Blues Scale Exercise & Licks (Ex. 5.1-5.17)
1st through 4th Hole Blues Scale Exercise & Licks (Ex. 5.18-5.42)
Phrasing Elements Found Within the 12 Bar Blues Progression (Ex. 5.43-5.57)
Position Substitution (Ex. 5.58-5.63B)

Section 6 - Study Exercises


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