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(F20J) Fabulous Just Temperament Harmonica

Online Price

MSRP: $409.99
Save: $259.99
Depot Price

Qty: Key  


Suzuki brings the same exacting design philosophy and advanced manufacturing processes as used in the Fabulous chromatics to the popular 10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica.  Also called the Fabulous, the new model's warm tone and amazing reed response come from an uncompromising commitment to achieving perfection through the use of specially designed top-quality components.

Suzuki has specially designed the reeds of the Fabulous to make Overblows and Overdraws easy to play, smooth-sounding and stable.  Previously, players had to endure long waiting times for hand-customized harmonicas suitable for over-blowing.  Now Suzuki has employed all of its exacting design and manufacturing skills to create a superlative overblow harmonica, which will satisfy the demands of players who use this increasingly popular technique.





"The Fabulous is a true Rolls Royce of diatonic harps, made with utmost care for the discerning player who wants the absolute best in materials and performance.  Not only does it look and feel special, it plays with great response out of the box - including amazingly easy overblows and overdraws."     -Brendan Power

"I have been playing the Fabulous on our shows every night.  We are still working 130 concerts a year with Willie Nelson.  I have to say the 'Fabulous' does live up to its name.  It plays and sounds great right out of the box."  -Mickey Raphael

Range: 10 Holes, 20 Notes
Keys: All 12 Major Keys, plus high G and Low F
Body/Coverplate: Brass with Silver Plating
Reed Plate: Brass
Reeds: Phosphor Bronze
Dimensions: 100 x 27 x 20 mm
Weight: 157g
Accessories: Plastic Case


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