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Buckeye Music

Buckeye Music Diatonic Harmonicas


     Buckeye Music is the parent company of Harp Depot, and has as recently as 2011, begun manufacturing it's own line of harmonicas.

Originally purchased from John Hall of Bushman Music Works back in 2004, we've endured over the years through some ups and downs and have gone from an instrument and accessories retailer to becoming a whole sale vendor for Huang harmonicas as well as embarking on a journey into harmonica development and manufacturing.  

We've already produced a few budget friendly harmonicas such as the Blue Steel. As well as the American Freedom Harp, which has made it's way to war-torn parts of the world, in an attempt to show support for military service people.

We've taken some time in researching what people tend to purchase when looking for in a quality harmonica between the various brands that we carry, and we believe have come up with some very good conclusions.

Listed on this page, are our diatonic models that we've been investing a great deal of time and effort into creating. If you'd like to give our brand a try, we honestly believe that you would be more than satisfied.  

All of our harmonicas are sold with the guarantee that they are free of manufacturer defects and are built to last. We do a great deal of assembly and quality control in house, and we're confident that you won't have an issue. We back any of our products for up to a year from the original date of purchase that it will not fail (free of abusive use).


Our performance and professional level harmonicas at a glance,

 The Soul's Voice Major Diatonic Harmonica (SV14) - Our first venture into high quality harmonicas. Built with phosphor bronze reeds and an ABS comb, it's intended purpose is to meet and exceed the quality, playability, and longevity of other instruments in it's class.  Available in 14 standard keys, including Low F and High G.

 The Soul's Voice Cross Wind Tunings (SV15) - Minor Tunings for the Soul's Voice harmonica. Available in various Natural Minor and Harmonic Minor tunings. Phosphor bronze reeds and an ABS comb.


 The Maverick Diatonic Harmonica (MAV20) - This is our newest model, and our first one built off an anodized aluminum comb. The reed plates have been nickel plated for added durability, with phosphor bronze reeds, and a new uniquely designed and vented cover plate, help to project this harmonica's voice through all the noise. Currently available for pre-order in four major keys, and should be here by early spring.


(1620) Blue Steel Diatonic Harmonica
MSRP: $15.99
Save: $6.04
Depot Price:


(7476) The American Freedom Harmonica
MSRP: $21.95
Save: $12.00
Depot Price


(MAV20) Maverick Diatonic Harmonica w/Phosphor Bronze Reeds
MSRP $79.95
Save: $25.00
Depot Price


(SV14) Soul's Voice Standard Major Diatonic Harmonica w/Phosphor Bronze Reeds
MSRP: $44.95
Save: $10.00
Depot Price


(SV14-12KS) Soul's Voice Standard Major Diatonic Harmonica, 12 Key Set w/ Case Click on image for more information.
MSRP: $420.00
Save: $90.00
Depot Price

Qty: Key  

(SVMIC) Tsunami Harmonica Microphone
Depot Price


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