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Harmonica players needed a better product.
With a constant stream of stories of harmonicas not even making it through one single gig before blowing out, we knew something had to be done. Players complained that the harmonicas of 30 and 40 years ago were far superior to their modern day counterparts. That didn't make sense, should we really have to go back in time to get better? Was there really a place and time where instrument makers cared a little more, and took the time to get it right? Was there a place that used better materials that could stand-up to the demands of today's blues bending, rock blowing harp players? To find out, we went back to the beginning...back to 1821.
In the city of Berlin, Germany, a 16 year old genius named Friedrich Buschmann created an instrument he called the "Aura". The Aura only had blow reeds until and instrument maker from Bohemia, named Richter, added draw reeds and an 'easier to play' note arrangement. The Aura was a bold, new step toward the formation of our beloved harmonica.
We wanted to honor Buschmann's inventive spirit and his desire to make something better, by naming our harmonicas after him. We've chosen to make today's instruments better!
Less than an hour away from where Buschmann handcrafted his Aura, we found the oldest harmonica shop in the world. Oddly enough, this company was not widely known in the United States. But they had the craftmanship, equipment, and know-how to produce a superior harmonica. What they didn't have, was a good design and some marketing energy. Two things in plentiful supply at Bushman. We teamed up, and the result was Bushman Music Works.
Founded in 1996, by John Hall of New Palestine Indiana, Bushman Music Works is a line of harmonicas fashioned in the rich, old German tradition of quality. Using the longest lasting brass and phosphor bronze in the trade to make reeds. Each instrument is accurately tuned, and then fitted together to provide an air-tight, super responsive performance.   
"...You can't take credit for talent - it's a free gift from God. But, with diligent practice and a deep passion, you can stretch talent to its fullest potential, set free a song, and have the rest of us dancing and singing along." - John O. Hall
"...The legendary Delta Frost. Standardized phosphor bronze as the benchmark material for harmonica reeds."
"...The original flagship harmonica Bushman Music launched with back in 1996. The Soul's Voice."


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